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Monday, January 8, 2007

Brian's Arrival

Hello Everyone!I have finally made it to Alaska! So far my only hardships have been: losing my luggage, being frozen out of my apartment, all my boxes were locked in the town hall, there is no quick way to make copies of keys for me, my phone doesn't work, it was -45 degrees today, and I have been wearing the same clothes for the past four days!

I still don't have my luggage, which has many of my teaching resources and warmest clothes. I did get into my apartment today, but slept in a different place last night because my apartment door was frozen shut. I also got into the town hall today to get the boxes that have been reserved thus far. Be careful of the first breath you take when going outside in this weather. . . It stings. I don't know when I'll have a phone??? I think I might change clothes tomorrow, now that I have boxes!

I left on Saturday morning at 9am from the cities and was in Dillingham, AK around 8pm (Alaska time, 3 hours behind) that night. I stayed in a bunkhouse Saturday night which was fairly nice. On Sunday it was 25 below and some planes weren't flying, but mine did anyway. Not having my luggage I borrowed some long underwear from the superintendent and off I was. I saw about 15 moose in my 30 minute ride...Hunting anyone?

Last night and all day today I have been trying to get organized, but it has been tough since I only got into my apartment this afternoon. I did look through the school and picked my room where I will have a desk. It's about half the size of any regular classroom, but it will do. My apartment, now that I am in it, is surprisingly nice! It has a beautiful view looking across the river at some mountain unknown to me.

I did go for a walk today after I found some warmer clothes in boxes! I walked for about 45 minutes, and my eyelids were freezing shut occasionally, which is why I went back when I did. Other than the cold, it was a beautiful day!

Tomorrow is my first day of paid work!!!!! It's a teacher work day, so I will be busy getting my classroom ready. Today is the Russian Orthodox Christmas and this Sunday is their new year, hence the day off today. To celebrate everyone hops on their snow machines and goes to the next village to eat at others' houses. This is done in 45 below weather! I think this is all I have to say for now.

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