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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bad Weather

The weather and I have not been getting along this month. We had almost a foot of snow early, but then it all melted away in a short warm spell with rain. A week and a half later we started getting cold and got more snow. Little by little we made it up to another foot or so with snow falling and melting a little here and there. Then we had a week where it began staying below 32 all day and things where freezing up nicely. Ron and I went out and were setting traps for wolves and wolverines. We still needed more snow, but at least we were staying cold.

Then a few days ago, the temperature spiked up again and almost all of our snow has melted. The river, which was near freezing, is now flowing freely again and it's not looking to get cold until early next week. I can't even get out to check traps with my snow-go anymore. Everyone says that last year the river was already froze over by now and that this is a very unusual winter we are having.

I can't wait until we get some real cold weather so I can get out and do some trapping.

Congratulations to our Volleyball Girls!!

We hosted the district volleyball tournament here at Koliganek. It was fun, but it made for a very busy weekend with teams flying in and getting ready to play. Koliganek took first place in the district and is now in Unalaska for the Regional Volleyball Tournament. The top three teams form that tournament will go on to play at the state tournament next week. I have a good feeling that we will make it to state. The only problem is that the high school is very small while they are gone.

Seven of our 23 high schoolers left on Tuesday to go to the regional tournament and the won't be back until Sunday. If they make it to state, they will leave again some time next week (Wednesday maybe). Because the PFD checks have come out we are also missing several students who are taking trips to Anchorage or Dillingham. It's really hard to get much done in class when more than half of the students are gone. The nice part is that because Molly and I are the only high school teachers, we combined our first and second hour classes so we each have one class period off every day this week. Flexibility is great!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Crazy Week - Halloween/Sports/Snow

This week has been nuts! Monday was the only normal day we had. Tuesday we began planning the haunted basement, Wednesday we decorated and ran the haunted basement, Thursday it snowed and we finished watching a movie we had started on Wednesday, and on Friday the sports teams are leaving to go play. Because we have to fly to other schools, our teams sometimes leave as early as 10:45 am.

Right now we are in wrestling and volleyball season. There are 9 volleyball girls and 6 wrestlers. That means that every Friday when they are traveling we lose 15 of our 24 high school students. There are always a couple students gone, so we are usually left with maybe 7 students! It's not always that bad because most Fridays we try to schedule one team to come to our school and one of our teams goes to another school. However, lately it seems like both teams have been leaving to play in tournaments which last for a few days. I can hardly remember the last time I had afternoon classes!

It has snowed several times in the past few weeks, but has not amounted to much because it continues to melt. Yesterday it snowed all day and we have a solid 4 inches, maybe more. The kids, and myself, were so excited about the snow and when we heard snow-goes outside they all went nuts! A bunch of kids left at lunch and didn't come back because they wanted to go ride around. After school it seemed like everyone was out riding around, including myself. It's supposed to be warmer over the next few days, so we'll see if this snow stays or melts. Hopefully it stays and we can add more to it because it is not enough to go anywhere exciting.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Haunted Basement

On Tuesday, the day before Halloween, Molly, the high school, and I decided to have a haunted house in the school. We began planning that afternoon. The next morning we began rearranging and decorating the basement of our school. We decorated four classrooms and the entire hallway with spider webs, bats, spiders, streamers, and a lot of black paper. By the end it was a pitch black maze of terror! We announced on the radio for the community to come up it they'd like and had the two elementary classes come walk through. It was a blast! We did send a bunch of little kids out the entrance crying because it was too scary, but most enjoyed it. The best part was when it ended and all the students started cleaning up right away. They had all the classes back to normal in a matter of minutes! Not a lot of academics on Halloween, but a lot of good teamwork.

We saw almost all of our students out trick-or-treating and most came by twice. Molly and I were talking about how it is funny to think about us trick-or-treating when we were little because we would plan out how we could get to as many houses as possible in a night. Here, it doesn't matter because everyone can get to everyone else's house in 20 minutes! Molly dressed up as me and I dressed up as her to go trick-or-treating at our neighbors house, but I changed out of my costume right away after that. Her clothes were a little too tight. Hopefully, I'll get th pictures put on this weekend.