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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bad Weather

The weather and I have not been getting along this month. We had almost a foot of snow early, but then it all melted away in a short warm spell with rain. A week and a half later we started getting cold and got more snow. Little by little we made it up to another foot or so with snow falling and melting a little here and there. Then we had a week where it began staying below 32 all day and things where freezing up nicely. Ron and I went out and were setting traps for wolves and wolverines. We still needed more snow, but at least we were staying cold.

Then a few days ago, the temperature spiked up again and almost all of our snow has melted. The river, which was near freezing, is now flowing freely again and it's not looking to get cold until early next week. I can't even get out to check traps with my snow-go anymore. Everyone says that last year the river was already froze over by now and that this is a very unusual winter we are having.

I can't wait until we get some real cold weather so I can get out and do some trapping.

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