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Thursday, March 15, 2007

World Class Summertime Fishing

I have been asked by a few die-hard fishermen to post the salmon runs in case they, or anyone else for that matter, can work out the funding to come up on a fishing trip. I would be more than happy to play the role of guide and help someone catch some salmon, trout, or pike.

Here are my guiding guarantees:
  1. You will go fishing.
  2. You will get something to eat.
  3. You will be bitten by many mosquitoes and other biting insects.
  4. You will see beautiful scenery.
  5. You will be given a place to sleep.
  6. You will enjoy my company while fishing.
  7. You might go for a walk, get lost, survive in the wilderness alone for a few months, get rescued (fly in a helicopter!!), write a book, and become famous. Maybe even rich!
  8. You might have fun.
  9. You might see cool wildlife (bears, caribou, moose, salmon, etc.)
  10. Lastly, I might even let you catch a fish or two.
Based on number seven, visiting us up here should be considered an investment! Anyway, I am looking into getting a boat. . .I think I have it squared away already. . .so I will be able to travel up and down the river to the good fishing holes and be able to go camping out in the wilderness!

Here are the general guidelines for seasons in Koliganek, Alaska. Keep in mind that I have not been here in the summer yet and am basing everything off of what I have heard and researched.

Rainbow Trout - As soon as the ice melts up to the time it freezes again. . .There are highs and lows.
Grayling - As soon as the ice melts up to the time it freezes again. . .There are highs and lows.
Northern Pike - As soon as the ice melts up to the time it freezes again.
Chum Salmon - Mid June to mid July
King Salmon - Mid June to mid July
Silvers - Early August through the end of August
Pink Salmon (even years only) - Late July through mid August

Berry Picking (blue berries, salmon berries, high and low bush cranberries) - Mid July through mid September

There you have it. I have been hearing of catching rainbow trout that are larger than 36 inches!!! I can't wait to get a line in the water! Depending on when school starts for me it sounds like mid August provides some of the best all around opportunities with berry picking and fishing for silvers. The end of June would be great except Molly and I will be in Wisconsin this June. . .Maybe next summer!

Do not worry if you can't make it up to fish with me this summer. . .I will post pictures!


Timothy said...

#1 is all I needed to hear!

Brian and Molly said...

Does that mean you are planning to come fishing this summer?

Ross said...

Which species of fish TASTE the best?

Timothy said...

I have had good experience going fishing with Brian as a guide, of course I am planning to come!

Timothy said...

#3 sounds great!